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Live your life and not the life of others

The Lions Trading Club offers various investment deals in the area of ​​Crypto, Copy trading and Forex trading. Whether you are a large or small investor, all of our customers are important to us. Discover more about our various investment solutions.

Up to 2% return daily

Let the experts work for you! Copy our trades and earn trading profits of up to 2% per trading day with your personal trading account.

Statistics in real time

We offer you several possibilities of tracking our LTC trading account in real time. Offered on computer and mobile devices.

Copy our trades

Benefit from our knowledge! We offer you the possibility of automatically copying our trades into your trade account. Contact us and get your free account.

Let the experts work for you!

The Lions Trading Club gives you the chance to participate in one of the most interesting markets and gain profit from our know-how.

We offer you the possibility of automatically copying all the trades of our experienced traders (Copy Trading) while still maintaining full control over your trading account and deposited money.

How does this work? Very easily! On your behalf, we will open an account through our broker and link it with our master trading account, which is monitored around the clock by our experienced traders. At no time will our company have access to your account!

Another advantage of our company is: the personal all-round support from our support center.

LTC Forex

minimum 50 USD
Up to  1.5% per day

The Lions Trading Club, together with its experts, has put together two interesting investment packages that allow you to profit from the opportunities posed by the Forex market with any budget and without any experience in trading.

LTC Crypto altcoin

minimum 1,000 USD
Up to 5% per week

Be a part of this revolution! The Lions Trading Club believes in the "money" revolution and has put together exclusive investment packages that are designed especially for you.


minimum 10,000 USD
Up to 25% per month

Do you want to track all your trades in detail? Do you want full control over your investment? Are you trading by yourself and still looking for successful signals for your portfolio? Then the LTC Copy trading is just right for you!

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